Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SuperNova & SweetPain

Writing a good and wonderful blogs makes you a one of the best all time blogger in world. That's what happen to Nova Salas-Hedges, a blogger from Philippines but now she's staying in USA. I read all of her blogs to know why she was awarded by other blogger. And after I've read all of her blogs i was so impress to her cause it was truly great blogs. And now I'm telling my self that she is a good blogger. That she deserves the blogger award.

I was so inspired to what she achieve now. Mostly in her blogs it was all about her personal experience, that's what make her blogs so interesting. Not only her blogs makes her a good blogger but also her artistic talent. She customize her own blog templates. If you want to inspire your self in writing a wonderful and good blog just visit her blog SuperNova & SweetPain

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